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Below you find a selection of practical examples of my work.

Consultancy services

As a consultant I work with the Dutch company VIA (software for data collection and stakeholder participation), Apptuning (smart phone App ‘Drive Safely Keep Focused)’, OSS Sensor Solutions BV, LuxMobility in Luxemburg. For OSS, I prepared for reports on Research, Trends 2020 Summary, Financial Resources, Communication, Lobby & Stakeholders, Policy Developments related to Data. Infrastructure & Traffic. I was also involved in initiatives related to warning systems for safe pedestrian crossings, mobile clinics, safety packages for increasing visibility and contour markings for heavy vehicles. I am International Consultant to the Board of the International Road Victims’ Partnership IRVP and the Tunisian NGO Les Ambassadeurs de la Sécurité Routière ASR.

Inaugural International Road Victims’ Conference (2018)

The Conference was organized by the International Road Victims” Partnership (IRVP) and held at Mullingar-Ireland. I was invited to the Conference to provide a presentation on setting targets to achieve results and the importance of safety indicators as short term measuring tool. I have joined the IRVP team as International Consultant to their Board.

Inaugural international road victimes conference 2018.jpg

Saving Lives on African Roads using VIA Traffic Software (2018 – 2021)

Supported by a grant of the Luxemburg Government we launched the SAVELIVE AFRICA project. The project starts with Senegal as first demonstrator. The objective is to introduce and to implement a robust and web based crash data collection system as indispensable part of road safety management. The idea is to expand the project in close collaboration with the West African Road Safety Organisation (WARSO) to other African countries and beyond. Senegal is pilot country.

Logo Save Life Draft.png

Trainer & Lecturer

Sustainable Urban Mobility Course (2019-2021)

At the invitation of  Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) and HABITAT, I am one of the team of trainers at the Africa SUM-Course held at Abuja-Nigeria. In November 2019, I did presentations on statistics and the burden of road safety for Africa, the role of police enforcement in improving road safety and the necessity of strong data-management to guide decisionmakers. During the virtual edition of November 2020, I did a presentation on “Developing Road Safety Strategies at National and City Level. A more People oriented Approach”. In 2021(virtual) the themes of my presentations were: “Enforcement to impact road safety” and “The need of (crash) data”.

Sustainable Urban Mobility Course (2019-2021).jpg

Delft Road Safety Course (2015-2017)

I was invited by Delft Technical University to give some lectures at the 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions of the of the Delft Road Safety Course. My presentations were dealing with designing effective road safety campaigns, the role of civil society NGOs

and their requirements to be effective and with political and media networks.

Delft Road Safety Course Netherlands 2015.jpg

Sustainable Road Safety Management Seminar

Together with RGB Consultants we have developed an international 5-days seminar/workshop for various target groups. The content of the course is partly fixed and partly flexible. So we can offer (on the spot) a tailor-made course. Afterwards the participants are receiving a certificate of participation and digital coaching.

Tailor-made Training Program (2017)

In the framework of NUFFIC/OKP we have developed a 10-days training program for the Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC in Nigeria (2017). Focus of the program is Road Safety Management, Capacity Building and Promotion and Safe Mobility of Non-Motorized Transportation (NMT), including field trips in the Netherlands and Nigeria. Also for other countries we are  developing such kind of training programs.

Tailor-made Training Program (2017).jpg


This training was set up in the framework of the EU supported project “Volunteers Always of the MOve for Road Safety”. A group of young road safety workers was trained. After the training they started in their own country projects with volunteers. Their experiences were shared and several brochures were produced

Vamos 090.JPG

Keynotes / Lead papers

Children are the Future in Mediterranean Earths – Round Table (2019)

Invited to the Round Table held in Tunisia by Les Ambassadeurs de la Sécurité Routière ASR from Tunisia and Foundazione Luigi Guccione to lead workshops and to do a presentation on Dutch experiences. My presentation was highlighting Amsterdam policy on making the city safer for pedestrians and cyclists by reducing motorised traffic and speed and stimulating walking and cycling by providing specific facilities. The policy is connected to fields of environment and health.


TGI  International Transport Conferences (2016, 2017)

In the 2016 conference organized by TGI (Transportation Growth Initiative) in Abuja Nigeria, I did a lead presentation and delivered a comprehensive paper for the conference book at their invitation. The conference theme was "Improving Infrastructure for Sustainable and Efficient Transportation". My presentation was about political priorities and the need for investment in a sustainable infrastructure for cyclists. Also, I have brought the 'Safe System' approach the spotlight and illustrated with practical examples. For the 2017 Conference I prepared a presentation on (Smart) Mobility Policy and measures in the capital of the Netherlands, the city of Amsterdam, the World City of Cycling.

TGI  International Transport Conferences (2016, 2017).jpg

NBRRI International Conference (2015)

The Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute (NBRRI) invited me to deliver a keynote at their International Conference: “Transport Summit 2015. Safe, Efficient and Sustainable Road Transportation”. In my presentation I was benchmarking Nigeria and the Netherlands in relation to road crash figures, cycling transportation and healthcare systems. I did an interview for Nigerian national TV.

NBRRI International Conference (2015).jpg

5th IRF Regional Conference (2010)

In New Delhi – India I gave a keynote presentation on Institutional Arrangements to achieve a reduction in road fatalities. Horizontal and vertical coordination, political commitment and societal support are key ingredients for an effective policy on road safety. I gave some newspaper interviews.

Agreement with NTSI (2014) and International Events in Ukraine (2017, 2013 and 2008)

With the National Traffic Safety Institute in Dubai-United Arab Emirates I signed an agreement to provide consultancy services and to develop collaboration. NTSI is a company specialized in advanced driver training (truck-, bus and taxi drivers). In Ukraine I was invited as road safety expert to Round Tables on Driver Training (2008) and First Aid in Traffic Crashes as post-crash measure. I provided consultancy services related 1st International Congress on Road Safety, June 2017, Kyiv-Ukraine.

Agreement with NTSI (2014) and International Events in Ukraine (2017, 2013 and 2008).jpg

Advocate and Ambassador
for Road Safety

PRI President (2007-2015)

Together with the Executive Committee, the Secretariat and members we yearly have organized International Conferences in coherence with the General Assembly.

Opening speeches at international conferences

I gave opening speeches at many conferences in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Romania, India, Finland Switzerland, France, Benin, Nigeria, Morocco, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Poland, Senegal, Slovenia and The Netherlands. I have participated I  many organizing- and scientific committees.

Advocate and Ambassador

From my position as PRI President and now as Consultant I am advocating for road safety. I am supporting the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, the global ‘SaveKidsLives’ campaign and the European ‘Let’s GO’ campaign for reducing the number of serious road injuries.

PRI President (2007-2015).jpg
AR14-14 3 UNRSC PRI SaveKidsLives.jpg

Road Safety in Africa

Many years of cooperation with Nigeria (from 2007 to now)

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and I have built up years of collaboration. I was invited to Road Safety Congresses and different editions of the FRSC Annual Lecture Series. We developed proposals and carried out projects and trainings.

3rd  Global Road Safety Week in Benin (2015)

During this week in May I had a fully program. I made a speech at the official opening ceremony of the Road Safety Week in Cotonou, had a meeting with the Minister of Development of the Millennium Goals and the Director of the National Centre for Road Safety (CNSR) and the National Police Service. On the invitation of the National Coordinator of NGO ALINAGNON I participated in a press conference with national radio, TV and newspapers.

Many years of cooperation with Nigeria (from 2007 to now).jpg
3rd  Global Road Safety Week in Benin (2015).jpg

Road Safety Boda boda Taxis in Kenya (2015)

For the Dutch company Koneksie I did desk research and wrote reports on road safety figures in Kenya against the background of the global and regional developments. The focus was at motor taxis (‘boda boda’) and the estimated economic and societal revenues of the introduction of a safety package (motorbike with safety design including road safety training).


Road Safety in Burkina Faso (2016)

In 2016 I was invited to become Honorary President of LVIR (l’Association “Lutte contre la Violence et l’Insécurité Routière) in Burkina Faso.

2-days Road Safety Conference for NGOs in Nigeria (2011)

Nigeria is a large country with hundreds of NGOs working for road safety. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) organized a 2-days NGOs Conference  in Abuja where I gave a presentation on international and Dutch experiences with NGOs and volunteers. During my visit I had meetings with the Minister of Transport, FRSC Corps Marshal, NGOs and other stakeholders

2-days Road Safety Conference for NGOs in Nigeria (2011).jpg


Non-Motorised Transportation in Developing Countries

I was invited by the author of the book, Emmanuel Oche JOHN, Officer at the Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC in Nigeria, to contribute with two chapters. My contributions were dealing with the role of NGOs and civil society organisations in the promotion of cycling transportation and with safety and protection of non-motorised transporters. The book was published in 2015.


Thinking about Sustainably Safe

In this Dutch publication (2005) scientists and representatives of interest groups in the field of road safety were invited to share their ideas about sustainable safety to inspire, to engage and to create synergy. I contributed to the publication with a chapter.

Book Emmanuel JOHN Nigeria 2015.png


Webinar on Road Safety in India (2022)

During the Indian Road Safety Month and in the framework of the National Service Scheme (NSS) the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (NII R) organized this webinar. The program consisted of my presentation and followed by a lively discussion with students. My presentation was about Global Road Safety, Risk Factors, a Shift of Paradigm for Sustainable Safe Mobility and about Young People as Game Changers.

International Road Safety Conference in Kuwait (2015)

In my presentation I gave an overview of global road safety figures and initiatives. Then I zoomed in on the situation in the Gulf Region with focus on Kuwait. Kuwaiti partnerships and a coordinating entity on the GCC level could be advantageous. I did an interview on Kuwaiti national TV.

International Conference on Road Safety at Local Level in Macedonia (2014)

To save lives on local and regional roads local governments, police,  mayors, municipalities and media play an important role. Also the involvement of citizens is key.

International Conference on Road Safety at Local Level in Macedonia (2014).jpg

1st International Conference on Road Safety in Ukraine (2017)

As special guest and as executive international road safety consultant/expert I gave keynote speeches and presentations. Topics: economic impact of road crashes/victims, transfer of Dutch knowledge and expertise, international road safety film festivals. High level meetings and preparation of a possible international film festival in Ukraine.


International Symposium on the Decade of Action in Saudi Arabia (2011)

At this symposium held in Jeddah I introduced the global Decade of Action campaign. Special focus was given to NGOs. They can bridge the gap between governments and citizens and they are present at all levels of society.

International Symposium on the Decade of Action in Saudi Arabia (2011).jpg

International Conference on Road Safety in Russia (2012)

At this conference in Saint Petersburg I gave a presentation on the engagement of Civil Society and the involvement of citizens in road safety at municipal level.  I brought in Dutch experiences of the Dutch Traffic Safety Association VVN and participation of citizens in road safety issues related to their own neighbourhood.

Strategy and Capacity Building

Road Safety - Vision Zero for Turkey (2017,2018-2020)

In the framework of this (EGIS International) project I was invited to contribute to the “Target Setting” Workshop, held in November 2017 in Ankara-Turkey. I provided interactive presentations on “Turkey in Perspective of EU and Perspectives for Turkey” and “Setting Targets for a Safer Turkey”. In 2018 follow up as Technical Project Director responsible for quality of all deliverables and leading the communication with the Beneficiary.


International Conference on the Role of Lead Agencies in Serbia (2014)

In this United Nations – Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) supported Conference in Belgrade I made a presentation based on Dutch experiences with a concerted approach to road safety. I stressed the importance of having a national road safety plan and a targeted program, a lead agency and (inter)national partnerships.

International Congresses on National Systems (2012) and National Partnerships (2013) in Ukraine

Recommendations for national organizational structures, coordinating and advisory bodies, the role of the prime minister and the parliament were made. All this in the interest of a national road safety plan. At the Congress of National Partnerships the importance was stressed of national and international cooperation. Membership of the Ukrainian Road Safety Association (URSA) of PRI was mentioned as a good example.

International Conference on the Role of Lead Agencies in Serbia (2014).jpg
International Congresses on National Systems (2012) and National Partnerships (2013) in Uk

Conferences on the role of NGOs (Moldova, 2010) and National Councils (United Arab Emirates, 2010)

At the Chisinau Conference it was recognized that the main tasks of NGOs are to get citizens involved and to do educational programs and campaigns. The Abu Dhabi Conference was focused on National Councils as coordinating body to ensure that road safety will be an integral part of other fields of policy.

Conferences on the role of NGOs (Moldova, 2010) and National Councils (United Arab Emirate

Director / Jury Member

Global Film Festival in Morocco and European Film Festival in Belgium (2015, 2017)

At these Film Festivals of road safety spots, educational materials and campaigns I acted as member/chairperson of the jury. Main organizer of the Festivals was Laser International Foundation. The Festivals, held in Casablanca and Brussels, had hundreds of entries.


Francophone Festival in Senegal (2014) and Renault Your Ideas; Your Initiatives (2015)

In both events I acted as member of the jury. The Renault initiative is a competition for schools and youngsters from all over the world about road safety ideas.


Global Road Safety Film Festival (2017, 2022)

The 6th and the 8th edition held at “Palais des Nations” of the United Nations in Geneva in conjunction with the 70th and 75th anniversary of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee. 150-260 films were contesting.

From 2017 I am acting as Director of International Road Safety Film Festivals.

Global RS Film Festival FEB 2015 6.jpg

Pedestrians and Cyclists

Velo City Global Conference in Canada (2012) and National Stakeholders Forum on Bicycles in Nigeria (2013) In my contributions at these events held in Vancouver and Abuja, I presented global road traffic crash figures and challenges, actions in the frame of the Decade of Actions for Road Safety, encouraging factors for cycle mobility and pro-active approaches for the future.


International Conferences on Cycling and Pedestrian Safety in Ukraine and China (2013), Memo on Safety of Cyclists in China/Beijing (2021)

Both conferences were organized by the Ukrainian Road Safety Association (URSA) in Kiev and the Road Traffic Safety Association of China (RTSAC) in Beijing and both members of PRI. In my presentations I showed global road crash figures and figures for Ukraine and China. In addition to the role of NGOs and citizens in relation to the safety of pedestrians and cyclists also was discussed how software can be a useful tool in road safety work. In 2021 I wrote a Memo on Safety of Cyclists in China/Beijing.


Specific Themes

Vehicle Crash Safety (2021)

I was panellist at the 5-days International Symposium on Recent Developments in Vehicle Crash Safety (India 2021). The theme of the panel discussion was Future Road Map for Vehicle Safety Learning.

Panel Discussion International Symposium 16X9 R3-01.jpg

Self-driving vehicles (2016)

The theme of the international conference PRI (Lisbon-Portugal 2016) was "Autonomous Driving and the Impact on Traffic Safety". At this conference I gave a presentation about the ambitions of the Netherlands to play a leading role in the development of self-driving vehicles and related systems. The various initiatives I have outlined in  relation to the EU "Declaration of Amsterdam" on "connected and automated driving".


Distraction by use of mobile phones in traffic (2014-2015)

At the EU Strategy Danube Region Road Safety Conference (Ljubljana-Slovenia 2015) and the International Conference on Road Safety and Intelligent Transport Systems (Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates 2014) I gave presentations on distraction in traffic caused by the use of smart phones while driving a car and riding a bicycle. In my presentations I was telling about Dutch experiences and the Dutch campaign preventing the use of mobile phones in traffic was presented.

Distraction by use of mobile phones in traffic (2014-2015).jpg

Experiences from Europe (2011)

At the International Forum on Traffic Safety  titled “Reality, Experiences and Hope” (Dammam-Saudi Arabia 2011) I presented the experiences from Europe related to national and local structures, lead agencies, NGOs, media, scientific institutes, private sector and partnerships in the GCC Region.

Aggression in traffic (2011)

At this Forum held in Bucharest-Romania (2011) I did a speech on the different aspects of aggression in traffic, like the extent of the issue, Dutch policy and counter measures.

Organizing (PRI) International Congresses

We’ve organized PRI World Congresses in Cape Town – South Africa, Marrakech – Morocco and Rotterdam – The Netherlands. In Rotterdam we celebrated the 50th anniversary of PRI (2009). Using my network and technical expertise,  we managed to provide interesting content to the congress program with ‘high-level’ speakers and many participants.


Large media coverage

The congresses with an average of 400 to 500 participants and where also Ministers and other dignitaries were present, attracted the attention of many media. The congresses have clearly contributed to the international reputation of PRI and its members. Each congress ended with the adoption of  a “Declaration” with conclusions and recommendations. I also organized an international expert seminar on road safety for the OECD, held in Warsaw – Poland (1996). About this seminar I have compiled a publication.


Working Visit Danish Road Safety Council

To mark the 75th anniversary of the “Danish Road Safety Council”, the entire staff visited Amsterdam. I was invited to organize the content of the visit (2010).


Presentations on road safety in the Netherlands

On the first day of the visit I made two presentations. One on traffic education in the Netherlands and the other on Dutch road safety campaigns and policies behind it. I also showed Dutch and foreign TV road safety commercials.

Bike tour through Amsterdam

For the second day, I organized a bicycle ride along traffic engineering solutions for bicycles in Amsterdam. The tour was accompanied by staff of the Dutch Cycling Union. During the visit there was plenty of opportunity for discussion. The evaluation showed that the Danes said it was an instructive and inspiring visit in a relaxed atmosphere.

Establishment Ukrainian Road Safety Association

As a consultant I got from the Ukrainian government and business community an invitation to exchange ideas to get and to keep road safety as a top priority high on the political agenda. The discussions led to the creation of URSA ‘Ukrainian Road Safety Association’, an NGO for road safety (2007)

Organization press conference (2008)

To introduce URSA a press conference was held, where I made a strong plea for political commitment and a strong involvement of the media in this subject.

During the press conference different politicians and more than 70 journalists were present. I also made recommendations for an effective approach to road safety in the Ukraine. The result was that the focus on road safety sharply increased and that road safety actions were organized frequently. The URSA is now an active member of PRI for many years already. In Romania we walk a similar path.

2008_Ukraine_Establishment of the Ukrainian Road Safety Association URSA.jpg
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